The next part of my spiritual life journey is taking me to Egypt.  This is not just for a visit, this is a part time move, 4-6 months there, then back here to the US for a couple months, then repeat.
Here’s a little story how the Divine works with love, a sense of humor and seriousness.
In December of 2018 my guidance kept repeating to me to get my passport.  Now mind you, I have never had a desire to leave this beautiful country.  My belief is there are so many beautiful places to see right here.  Since I like to follow the recommendations of my God Team, after much questioning I began the application process.  I soon stopped it because I had to gather some information and documentation. Okay, no hurry.  Again, “Get your passport”.  It was relentless.  I also started getting information on places I would be going.  When I heard Egypt, along with some others, I asked “Why?  I can go there in meditation.”  The answer was “You need to put your feet on the ground there.”
I was taking my time in the passport application process.  January flew by.
In February of 2019 I met the most amazing man.  He found me through a friend who shares my posts.  He messaged me that he found my posts very positive and inspirational.  Short conversations began to follow.  I talk to 30-40 people a day on Messenger doing what I can to help, empower and support people so I didn’t pay much attention that first two weeks.  Then he sent me a short audio clip not knowing that I connect to a person’s energy through their voice.  My soul recognized his soul immediately.  Guess what.  He had just returned to Egypt after living in London for 16 years. The Divine had a plan!!!!!!!!
Needless to say, after a month of video conversations lasting hours at a time and sharing our lives through technology and energy the passport process was in full swing.  We both knew that we had a very deep, soul connection consisting of past lives, combined spiritual journey, individual spiritual journeys, and a love like nothing I had never experienced in this life not to mention Goddess Isis and Osiris were calling me.
The Divine knew just how to get me to Egypt to begin the work I need to do there among other places on the planet.
My first trip to Egypt was November of 2019.  It was amazing.  So many things happened to me there on an energetic and spiritual level.  Let’s not forget that very personal romantic level as well.  Plans were made to do the part time move.  It was supposed to begin in March of 2020.  We all know what happened with that.  I was grounded by Covid.
Covid gave me the opportunity and push to re-evaluate all my services, classes, and processes to be able to do them either in person or through a digital platform.  Woooohooooo!!!!  I have also been provided with information regarding new healing technologies, processes, and projects, all which will be made available through Zoom in person on my returns to the U.S.
There will be group projects in the future which will be open to my students, clients, and the public to come to Egypt and participate in if you are called to do that.
The Divine has a plan!!!!  Egypt is centrally located to many of the other countries I am being guided to go to.  Imagine that!!
When you are slow or hesitant with the recommendations the Divine will “pull out all the stops” to get you to move in the direction you contracted to do, your reason for being here.  Yes, we have free will.  Sometimes we miss the opportunities because we are looking for things to show up in another way.  When you pay attention, move when guided and trust………. then life just flows.
I am looking forward to seeing and connecting with you all from the sacred grounds in Egypt and many places after that.


Lady Isis, Master Osiris, Master Thoth, Master Horas, Lady Hathor and more will be directly channeled through me.  I am living in Egypt and have been working with them extensively. They will be giving instruction for the self-mastery of conscious expansion and assistance through this ascension processes.  The class will be interactive with question and answer, probable book reading and assignments.  At this time there is no particular class curriculum.  The Masters will be teaching from a place that is beneficial to all the participants level of awareness.  So not attending a class or two will not put you behind.  Remember, the recordings are always available if you cannot attend a class.
The class will be 1 ½ to 2 hours long biweekly.  It will be live streamed through Zoom.
The recordings will be available to download for two weeks, until the next class so you can review or listen at your convenience. 
Classes are every other Sunday, beginning June 26th, 3:00 – 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.
The energy exchange is a $40 tuition per class.
Upon registration you will be sent the Zoom link via email.
We, the Masters and I, are looking forward to working with you.
Infinite blessings,  MARGARET